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Schools Debates Training

Opportunity: Debate Trainings for Highschoolers are now OPEN

Are you a Highschooler?
Can you speak English?
Do you want to build self-confidence?
Do you want to build your public speaking skills?
Do you have an interest in getting to know what debate is?

If the answers are YES, this opportunity has been made just for you!

Dialogue & Debate Association, within the framework of “Schools Debates” project, is pleased to announce conducting a free training in “Debating for highschoolers” targeting students from the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth grades, who are studying in Tripoli and can understand and speak English. This comes with the aim of spreading the culture of debating within International high schools in Tripoli.

The training will probably be held at your school in Tripoli (but might take also semi-virtual settings) The training will be held in Ramadan for a total number of 16 training hours. The exact dates will be announced later.

This training provides a general definition of the concept of debates, delves into the details of debating in terms of content, style and strategy, presents debating as a tool used in stimulating analytical and critical thinking among school students, and discusses a various range of issues that plague our world today, seeking for best solutions. This training also helps to improve presentations and speeches, in addition to teamwork, and paves the way for enhancing the skills of public speaking and persuasion, which in turn can enhance the personal and leadership qualities of the participating individuals.

In this training, We also address the skills of argumentation and refutation to build cases, bring support, and invalidate and criticize arguments, We address the basics of debating according to global Formats, such as the World Schools Debating Championship (WSDC), and the British Parliamentary.

Participants must be:

* Residing in Tripoli / able to attend the daily in-person training.
* Committed to attending all training hours – 16 training hours.
* Committed to following the preventive instructions related to COVID-19 – such as wearing masks, and using hand sanitiser.

* No previous experience in debating or public speaking is required.

Organisers will:

* Make sure to provide a safe place for everyone.
* Provide participation certificates.
* Give the participants an opportunity to engage with further debating activities after the training.
* Open the doors for those who are willing to participate in debate tournaments.

To register, please fill out the form below.
Hurry up, seats are limited.

A limited number of students will be selected according to the training capacity. Those who will be accepted will be notified via their e-mails and/or SMS.


Participate and join the world of debating.
Fill out the form.



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