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  • our Chairperson


Emad is the founder and chairman of the Board of Directors of the Dialogue and Debate Association (DDA) since March 2014, he has been elected several times to hold this position. He was also one of the winners of the “40 Under 40” award for 2021, which recognizes influential youth in Libya.

Over the course of 10 years, Emad has led the DDA vision related to peacebuilding in Libya. Throughout his career, Emad worked on the reconciliation file between Misrata and Tawergha. He succeeded in bringing together reconciliation efforts and participated as one of the youngest members of the official committee for the Reconciliation Charter between Misrata and Tawergha, contributing to its formulation, signing, and overseeing its implementation.

Currently, Emad heads the Youth Dialogue Forum and the General Assembly of the National Election Monitoring Network. He has also previously served as a Senior Advisor for Youth and Peacebuilding Affairs for the UNSMIL and UNDP Libya. In the political realm, Emad worked as a Special Advisor to the Minister of Interior in the Government of National Accord, responsible for media and communication affairs.



  • our CEO

Chief Executive Officer

Mohamed is one of the prominent young individuals in civil society in Libya and one of the founders of the Dialogue & Debate Association (DDA) in March 2014. He has been serving as a full-time Chief Executive Director of DDA since late 2017 and was awarded the “40 Under 40” prize for influential young individuals in 2023.

On the academic front, Mohamed obtained his Bachelor’s degree with honors in Project Management from the Civil Engineering Department at Misrata University in 2015. He later pursued a Master’s degree in International Relations, graduating with distinction from the University of Birmingham through the prestigious Chevening Scholarship in 2020.

Mohamed manages a team of approximately 10 staff members and oversees around 150 volunteers who are members of the organization. He is responsible for translating the organization’s visions and goals into plans and projects, leading stakeholder engagement, presenting project concept notes, developing proposals and budgets, and subsequently overseeing their implementation. During his work, Mohamed has managed several projects, with the most significant being the Schools Debates Project.



  • our Admin & Finance officer

Director of Administrative & Financial Affairs

Mohamed joined the Dialogue & Debate Association (DDA) early in his life. After two years of training and six months of membership, he joined the organization’s core team in May 2022 as a financial accountant. Due to his exceptional performance, he was elected as the Director of Administrative and Financial Affairs in August 2022.

On the academic side, Mohamed graduated with honors from high school and achieved an excellent academic record. He then enrolled in the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Misrata University, where he is currently in his final year, majoring in accounting.

In his role at the association, Mohamed is responsible for the administrative oversight of all aspects related to the organization’s resources, including premises, equipment, and staff. Additionally, he oversees all financial matters, including budget preparation, financial reporting, account recording, processing expense vouchers, and banking transactions.

Project Manager


  • our Project Manager

Project Manager

Huda is an inspiring young woman who joined DDA in late 2016 after participating in debating training. Soon she was elected as the president of the debate club in Zawiya city. This enabled her to lead debate activities in her city for two full years. In late 2018, she joined our core team as a part-time Project Officer. In late 2021, she was promoted to the position of full-time Project Manager.

On the academic front, Huda studied at Zawiya University and graduated with honors, ranking first in the Computer Engineering Department. She also has work experience as a project manager in the field of engineering, having worked for a software company for two years, focusing on user interface development.

As a Project Manager, Huda is involved in designing and implementing projects related to peacebuilding, youth, and women empowerment. She currently leads a portfolio of projects; she designs and facilitates various training programs and capacity-building initiatives. One notable program she leads is the “Young Speaker” program, which aims to develop children’s communication and public speaking skills.

Project Officer


  • our Project Officer

Project Officer & Debate Trainer

After excelling in school activities and debate tournaments, as well as participating in the membership program, Walid was selected to join the core team of the Dialogue & Debate Association (DDA) as an Administrative Assistant at the end of 2021. In this role, he assisted in administrative tasks and was responsible for writing and archiving correspondence and reports. Walid’s progress and development within the organization led to his promotion in 2023 to the position of Project Officer & Debate Trainer.

On the academic side, Walid graduated from high school in 2020 and enrolled in the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Misrata University. He is currently in his final year of study, majoring in Political Science.

As a Project Officer, Walid is involved in coordinating various activities and projects. This includes planning events, training sessions, tournaments, dialogue sessions, and debates. As a Debate Trainer, he also delivers training courses in the field of debating.

Project Officer


  • our Project Officer

Project Officer & Debate Trainer

Muad joined the Dialogue & Debate Association (DDA) after a long journey that began with his foundational debate training as a high school student in 2020. He excelled and eventually joined the training team at DDA after participating in the 2022 National Training of Trainers, which enabled him to train new debaters. In October 2023, Muad was selected to be part of the core team as a Project Officer & Debate Instructor, in addition to his previous consultative work as a legal officer.

Academically, Muad graduated with honors from high school and enrolled in the Faculty of Law at Misrata University, where he is currently in his final year.

As a Project Officer & Debate Instructor, Muad is currently involved in developing plans for implementing project activities within the organization and leading the execution of various initiatives. In addition, he trains students, youth, and various entities’ members in the art of debating. In his consulting role as a legal officer, Muad provides legal advice and guidance to the Dialogue & Debate Association, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. He is also responsible for drafting and reviewing legal contracts and documents.

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