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Dialogue & Debate Association

We empower youth within the society through dialogue to enlighten their way towards development and prosperity.

Dialogue & Debate Association focus on:

Dialogue, Debating & Empowerment

Through this we aim to reach a world with no conflicts, where youth play an important in the process of change.


We enhance youth rhetoric, critic and persuasive capabilities providing them with suitable specified platforms to make their voices heard in both public debates, local & international tournaments.

Dialogue & Conflict Resolution

We Discuss ideas & societal concern with no prejudice nor racism, involving both youth and general public with official and decision makers, launching initiatives for peace building supporting coexistence rejecting violence.

Youth Empowerment

We empower youth & women building their capabilities in the fields of politics and societal work through including them in workshops in intensive trainings that aims to build generations that are able to lead and impact.

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Debate Timer

Our online portal is designed to assist debaters and debate clubs in managing speech timing. The timer provides a user-friendly interface for setting and monitoring each speech’s allocated time, whether for preparation or delivery. This tool offers the ability to set visual or auditory signals to indicate the end of the designated time, helping facilitate smooth and organized debates.

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Debate Motions

The Motions Wheel contains a diverse range of different motions related to various fields. You can benefit from our extensive database of motions and employ them in your debates.

The platform provides a range of filters that allow you to select the perfect motion according to your needs. You can specify the type of motion, its main and sub-topic, and even the appropriate level for participating teams. With these filters, the platform can bring forth motions that align with your interests, enabling better preparation and balanced debates. Whether you are looking for a political, environmental, social, or any other motion, the platform will assist you in choosing the ideal motion and achieving a successful debate.

You can enrich the Motions Wheel by adding new motions that you consider added value and would like to share with others, which helps enhance the usefulness and diversity of the content. We also appreciate your feedback and suggestions for improving the Motions Wheel, and we welcome your contributions through the feedback form. We are committed to regularly updating the platform to provide the latest controversial motions for debaters.

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