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National Training for Debate Adjudicators

National Training for Debate Adjudicators is group of advanced workshops introduced to an elite group of carefully chosen debaters and debate trainers from all across Libya to be future adjudicators in the field of debate. That is to improve debate society in Libya by enabling those adjudicators to be well equipped with required skills to judge debates in the future.

This training aims to acquire the participants with advanced skills in the arts & techniques of debate in a form that enables them to judge in different debate formats and tournaments reaching a transparent honest result in accordance with one specific connotation by learning how to moderate sessions through the basics that are to be followed in championships by focusing on judging moralities.

The National Training for Debate Adjudicators also focuses on ensuring the existence of unified standards by reminding trainers of what to concentrate on while judging debates via examining some issues that might occur during debates and showing how to deal with them while avoiding looking at the appearance and focusing more on the content, ideas, and logic.

In this kind of training which is done annually by DDA, call for applicants is open for all interested debaters from different backgrounds and Libyan cities to compete for a limited number of available seats. Those carefully chosen group of debaters will be certified adjudicators officially after passing the final test and DDA will provide them with access to technical & logistic support to empower their rule with their local clubs evaluating and assessing debate activities in different Libyan cities while cooperatively working with DDA in adjudicating debates both on local and national level.

This training lasts for no less than 4 days where adjudicating skills are equipped through advanced theoretical and practical workshops in judging debates. Judging is tested by supervising mini-tournaments adjudicating in groups to revise the level of accuracy that trainers reach and improve their knowledge and skills that were given theoretically early in the training.

DDA usually requires certain terms for applicants for such training concerning Age, as trainers should not be less than 16 years nor more than 35 years old and knowledge, as applicants should at least have basic knowledge of debates through at least one debate training with any club/association, also experience, as applicants should have per minimum of 18 months of debate experience where he/she participated in different debate activities and/or tournaments and also residency, as applicants should be living in Libya in order for him/her to be able to supervise debate activities in different Libyan cities as a certified debate judge from DDA.

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