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Dialogue & Debate Association

Get to know to our NGO

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Dialogue & Debate Association (DDA)

A non-governmental, non-profit organization working on peacebuilding, youth empowerment, and strengthening democracy in Libya.

DDA utilizes debating, open discussions, mediation, conflict resolution, and capacity building programs as tools for its mission.

Founded in:


In March of this year, DDA obtained its legal registration as a debating club under the name “Dialogue and Debate Club (DDC)”.

Dialogue & Debate Club - DDC


At the start of 2018, the club transformed into a national organization operating through clubs spread across various cities,and towns in Libya.

Dialogue & Debate Association Logo - DDA

Our Vision

The Dialogue and Debate Association, through its mission aims to create:

Conflict-free societies, and a world in which youth play an important role in change.

Get to know to our Coreteam

Years of work

Excellence 🇱🇾

Excellence Award, as the NGO of the year, the Civil Society Commission – Misrata Branch.

Sami and Tawfiq Award 🇪🇺

For the best peacebuilding project in the Maghreb region – European Union

Debate Pioneers 🇶🇦

For the best organisation that works in spreading arabic debating in the world – QatarDebate

Social Innovation Award 🇹🇷

For the best organizations working to solve social issues in their respective countries – Business Poineers

Our mission

We enhance the role of youth in their communities and inspire societies through dialogue to move towards peacebuilding and development and deny violence and terrorism.


As young people, we must believe in our abilities and potential to have a role in building change. We need to create opportunities because they don’t come to us on their own!

Emad Shanab, Chairperson

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Alkhasah Ali Khalifa Alzaidi St, Ras Ammar, Misrata, Libya.


We enhance youth rhetoric, critic and persuasive capabilities providing them with suitable specified platforms to make their voices heard in both public debates, local & international tournaments.

Dialogue & Mediation

We Discuss ideas & societal concern with no prejudice nor racism, involving both youth and general public with official and decision makers, launching initiatives for peace building supporting coexistence rejecting violence.

Youth Empowerment

We empower youth & women building their capabilities in the fields of politics and societal work through including them in workshops in intensive trainings that aims to build generations that are able to lead and impact.

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Participants in dialogue sessions




Online Trainees


Libyan cities


Debate clubs


Local & national judges and trainers

We Shape Future

Making minds, Shaping the future

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