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Questions & Answers


We try to answer the questions that you may have about our organisation.

It is a Libyan youth non-governmental organization based in the city of Misrata. It was established on March 4th, 2014, under the name of the Dialogue and Debate Club (DDC). Later on, it was officially changed and obtained its new registration under this name at the beginning of 2018. It transformed from a mere club gathering a group of amateurs to an institution that operates with greater professionalism, wider inclusivity, and in more areas.

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It is a structured dialogue governed by specific rules, with a designated time and a defined topic. It involves two parties – often teams – presenting their viewpoints on a controversial issue for discussion, using persuasive arguments supported by evidence, and employing a language characterized by logic and respectful consideration of differing opinions.

As a non-governmental nonprofit civil society organization, we aim to engage active young men and women by opening the opportunity for membership and joining our team at the end of each year. Follow our Facebook page to stay updated on news and announcements regarding this matter.

The Dialogue and Debate Association, since its establishment, has conducted dozens of trainings in over 16 different Libyan cities for university students, school students, and civil society activists. We announce the training courses through “Opportunities” page on our website and also on our Facebook page. Stay tuned for our announcements regarding this.

During this period, you can take the training offered by us remotely (online) through our educational platform called “” and receive a certificate upon completion of the three levels of the training.

The Dialogue and Debate Association is a nonprofit organization registered in Libya. It receives its funding through partnerships with national governmental and nongovernmental institutions in Libya, as well as licensed international and UN organizations operating in Libya. In addition to external funding, DDA also relies on self-funding through membership fees and renting workspace and services provided at its headquarters.

The Dialogue and Debate Association discloses all funding it receives through projects. You can find information about the institutions that have previously collaborated with our organization and provided funding through the “Partners” section on our “About” Page.

You can visit us at our main headquarters located on Al-Kashaf Ali Khalifa Al-Zaidi Street, Misrata downtown, Libya. You can also contact us through the following means:

Phone/WhatsApp: 00218910196868

We are available on all working days from Sunday to Thursday, from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

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