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Libya Tatahaqaq

Our Project

Libya Tatahaqaq

October 2022 – April 2023

Libya Tatahaqaq is an educational project aimed at empowering Libyan youth to distinguish between false and misleading information disseminated through television and social media platforms by developing their critical, analytical, and technical thinking skills.

The “Libya Tatahaqaq” platform is one of the project’s most significant outcomes, where online training sessions were organized for over 1,000 Libyan youth. The Dialogue & Debate Association (DDA) alone supervised training for more than 400 participants through this platform. The training course consists of three main units: the critical thinking unit, the digital awareness unit, and the media literacy unit. These units focus on learning how to differentiate between true and fake information. The aim of these units is to enhance media skills and promote responsible and accurate information handling. Trainees were able to take the training course independently or as part of a comprehensive educational process, either individually or under the supervision of specialized trainers.

Training courses through the “Libya Tatahaqaq” platform cover three areas:

    1. Critical Thinking.
    2. Citizen Media Literacy.
    3. Digital Education.

+10 different Libyan cities, including Tripoli, Benghazi, Sabha, and Misrata.

  • 8 specialized trainers in the field of fact-checking.
  • +400 Libyan youth who are more aware and capable of discerning misleading and false news and information through television and social media platforms.

يستخدم هذا الموقع ملفات تعريف الارتباط لتحسين تجربتك على الويب.