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Launching the second phase of Libya Tatahakak training series

The second phase of the “Libya Tatahakak” training program was launched. It was organized by the Dialogue & Debate Association K and took place at its headquarters in Misrata, at the beginning of February of the current year.

Several program facilitators from the organization, including Muath Agliou, Mohammed Albeera, and Mustafa Albakoush, oversaw these training sessions. They were delivered consecutively during the training program using the Libya Tatahakak platform.

The organization provided participants, university students, with tools through its training to develop their critical thinking and analytical skills. Additionally, it focused on enhancing their emotional intelligence skills to enable them to distinguish between fake and misleading information disseminated through news sources or social media.

The training course consisted of three main modules:

  1. Critical Thinking: This module focused on building the necessary critical thinking skills for making informed decisions regarding the information encountered by young people. It honed their ability to discern real information from fake information and to identify the media outlets they follow. It also aimed to enhance their understanding of biases and build empathy skills.
  2. Digital Literacy: This module helped participants develop the skills required to ensure safe and effective internet usage. The facilitators provided foundational awareness about the online environment and delved deeper into advanced topics such as cybersecurity best practices, internet legislation, and ethics.
  3. Media Literacy: This module aimed to promote healthy practices in dealing with information both online and offline. It addressed the challenges posed by propaganda and media manipulation. It focused on raising participants’ awareness of emotional manipulation and equipping them with the necessary skills to resist it.

These training sessions were conducted gradually, following previous batches facilitated by the organization through online communication platforms. They were carried out in conjunction with several local Libyan organizations in partnership with the International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX)

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