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Public discussion session on artificial intelligence (AI)

The Dialogue & Debate Association, based in Misrata, organized a public discussion session on artificial intelligence (AI) on the evening of Wednesday, May 17, 2023. The session covered several key topics, including:

Historical context and precursors of AI emergence: The session highlighted that although the concept of AI originated in the previous century, recent technological advancements and the significant interest from governments and companies have greatly contributed to the substantial development of this concept.

The impact of AI on privacy: The attendees discussed how AI can gather vast amounts of personal data and potentially use it in ways that conflict with privacy rights and personal freedoms.

The influence of AI on the economy and work development: The session explored the role of AI in enhancing productivity, saving time and effort, improving product quality, reducing costs, as well as aiding in business and project development, profitability, and competitiveness.

In conclusion, the participants recognized that AI presents significant challenges to humanity, but at the same time, it offers tremendous opportunities to improve our lives and advance our societies. They emphasized the importance of making further efforts to ensure the safe and responsible use of AI, ensuring that it serves human interests while preserving their rights and privacy.

These initiatives by the Dialogue & Debate Association involve organizing weekly public dialogue sessions and speeches open to all attendees, aiming to enrich discussions and debates on various topics, including social, political, economic, and technological issues.

These sessions aim to provide a realistic platform for participation, learning, interaction, and cultural exchange among individuals of different ages and backgrounds. They encourage open and constructive dialogue to enhance mutual understanding, collaboration, and active engagement. Additionally, they seek to shed light on different perspectives, effectively interact with others, and raise awareness about current issues and challenges facing society and the world as a whole.


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