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Launching the second phase of Libya Tatahakak training series

The second phase of the “Libya Tatahakak” training program was launched. It was organized by the Dialogue & Debate Association K and took place at its headquarters in Misrata, at the beginning of February of the current year. Several program facilitators from the organization, including Muath Agliou, Mohammed Albeera, and Mustafa Albakoush, oversaw these training […]

Public discussion session on artificial intelligence (AI)

The Dialogue & Debate Association, based in Misrata, organized a public discussion session on artificial intelligence (AI) on the evening of Wednesday, May 17, 2023. The session covered several key topics, including: Historical context and precursors of AI emergence: The session highlighted that although the concept of AI originated in the previous century, recent technological […]

Misrata Schools Debating Championship

Share in: Misrata Schools Debating Season 2023-2024 Misrata Schools Debating Season 2023-2024 Organized by: In cooperation with: Are you an administrator, teacher, or student in one of the high schools in Misrata? Are you looking for an opportunity to develop public speaking and debating skills among your students? Do you want to promote a culture [...]
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