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Misrata Schools Debating Championship

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Misrata Schools Debating Season 2023-2024

Misrata Schools Debating Season 2023-2024
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Are you an administrator, teacher, or student in one of the high schools in Misrata? Are you looking for an opportunity to develop public speaking and debating skills among your students? Do you want to promote a culture of dialogue and critical thinking in your school? Then the Misrata High Schools Debating Championship is what you’re looking for!


The Dialogue and Debate Institution, in collaboration with the Education Monitoring Authority in Misrata, announces the launch of the High Schools Debating Season in Misrata Municipality. This season provides a unique opportunity to enhance students’ abilities in public speaking, debating, communication, and develop analytical and critical thinking skills.

During this season, high schools in the municipality will participate in an educational debating competition. Prior to the competition, training sessions will be provided to the participating students to improve their speaking and persuasive skills.

How to Register?

Each school will be asked to register a team of 3 students and a representative from the school’s administrative or educational staff, or from the activity department. After completing the registration process through the link below, they will be contacted to complete the remaining procedures.

What to Expect in the Competition?

After completing the school registration through the form below, the school representative will contact you to register the students and train them before entering the competition at the municipal level known as the Misrata Schools Debating Championship. The championship will witness intense debate rounds where student teams representing their schools will compete in adjudicated debates. The students will discuss various educational, cultural, and social issues, presenting strong arguments and responding to the arguments of competing teams. This competition aims to motivate students to develop their reading and research skills, critical thinking, and enhance their abilities to express themselves confidently and persuasively.

صورة رأسية - مناظرة


“This experience was the foundation for the subsequent experiences I had. It helped me refine my personality and boost my self-confidence. I found a suitable environment for learning and exchanging ideas.”

– Rawad Mahfouz
Student who participated in school debates (2019-2021)


“Debating was a turning point in my life. It’s a journey of learning, enjoyment, and getting to know inspiring people. We advise everyone not to miss the opportunity.”

– Muath Ghaliou
Student who participated in school debates (2019-2021)
صورة رأسية - معاذ اغليو

Learn about debates through videos

Finals of Misrata Schools Debating Championship 2021

National Championship of School Debates 2021

Registration Requirements

  • Must be a teacher/administrator in one of the high schools within the municipality of Misrata.
  • Must be interested in forming a student team for debates within the school.
  • No previous experience in debates or public speaking is required.

Participants’ Benefits

  • Participation certificate in the training.
  • Opportunity to participate in the Misrata School Debates Championship.
  • Possibility to qualify for the National Championship of School Debates.
  • Possibility to qualify for the International Championship of School Debates in the Arabic language.

The Plan

  1. After the school representative completes the registration, communication will be made via phone/WhatsApp to complete the students’ registration process.
  2. The students will participate in specialized training sessions and educational sessions on the art of debating to prepare them for the championship.
  3. The championship will take place during the mid-year school break in January 2024, and the winners will be honored.

Teams consisting of three (3) debaters from the school’s students and a representative from the educational/administrative staff of the school will participate in the championship. All team members must be registered students at the same school they represent. Both boys’ and girls’ schools are allowed to register, and any student in any stage of secondary education cannot be a team member. Registered teams will represent their respective high schools and engage in competitive debates with each other.

Learn Debating



First Place Team Award

In addition to the championship trophy, medals for the winning teams and best speakers, the Dialogue and Debate Foundation will award a cash prize of four thousand Libyan dinars to the winning team.

Take a Proactive Step

You can now learn debate by training the basics of debate at its three levels, which we provide for free, anytime, anywhere, through the educational platform “Hessa.”

Participate and Join the World of Debates.

Through this championship, the Dialogue and Debate Foundation seeks to improve the educational process, and create an informed and cultured generation that practices the art of debate as a tool to develop logical analysis and critical thinking, and enhance public speaking and oratory skills among young people.

Register Your School Now

Misrata Schools Debate Championship 2023-2024
The registration deadline is by the end of Tuesday, October 31, 2023, at 11:59 PM.

“Registered participants will be contacted via phone/WhatsApp.”

Registration Form

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